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Return Policy


Easy Returns, Replacement and Exchange Policy

At Smilebaby, our aim is to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, we are here to help.

Please find below the details of the policy, as applicable, for the products sold on Smilebaby:

*Please note that certain products in the mentioned table may or may not be eligible for return, replacement, or exchange, as otherwise mentioned against them below. For all products, the return or replacement/exchange policy on the product/combo page at the time that the order was placed shall prevail. The return or replacement/exchange policy of a product is subject to change depending on business requirements, and the policy that was active at the time of order purchase will be applicable.




Clothes & Footwear


Return/Exchange period will be same as Product Details Page*

·         Birthday

·         Return Period of 2 Days from the Delivery Date*

·         Convertible Car Seat (Rear and Forward-facing)

·         Rear-facing Baby Car Seat

·         Forward-facing Child Car Seat

·         Rocker Carry Cots

·         Simple Carry Cots

·         Car seat Carry Cots

·         Pram

·         Lightweight Stroller

·         Standard Stroller

·         Twin Strollers & Prams

·         Travel System

·         Stroller Frames & Accessories

·         Musical Baby Walkers

·         Baby Activity / Push Walker

·         Regular Baby Walker

·         Baby Walker Cum Rocker

·         Rockers

·         Baby Swings

·         Baby Bouncers

·         High Chairs

·         Booster Seats

·         Infant Seat Accessories

·         Infant Activity Seats

·         Manual Push Ride-Ons

·         Kids Scooters

·         Battery Operated Ride-Ons

·         Twister/Swing Cars

·         Rocking Ride-ons

·         Ride-ons Accessories

·         Tricycles

·         Bicycles

·         Training/Balance Bikes

·         Baby Bath Tub

·         Baby Bathers

·         Straw Sippers

·         Spout Sippers

·         Tumblers

·         Mugs

·         Sipper Accessories

·         Straw Sippers (Except BabyHug)

·         Spout Sippers (Except BabyHug)

·         Tumblers (Except BabyHug)

·         Mugs (Except BabyHug)

·         Sipper Accessories (Except BabyHug)

·         Baby Bottle Sterilizer

·         Feeding Bottles & Food Warmer

·         Baby Monitors

·         House Air Purifier

·         Humidifiers/De-humidifiers

·         Cradles & Bassinets

·         Cots & Cribs

·         Playpen / Play yard

·         Napper Baby Bed

·         Chair

·         Table & Chair Set

·         Table

·         Bed

·         Stool

·         Inflatable Chair/Table/Stool

·         Bean Chair

·         Wardrobes & Storage Units

·         Chest of Drawers & End/Bedside Tables

·         Storage Boxes

·         Trolley Luggage Bags

·         Accessory Bags

·         Duffle Bags

·         Travel Blanket Pillow Combo

·         Luggage Tags

·         Wall Stickers & Decals

·         Growth & Reward Chart

·         Glow In Dark Stickers

·         Wallpaper

·         Posters/Wall Panels

·         Window Stickers

·         Playhouses & Tents

·         Slides, Climbers & Bouncers

·         Ball Pit

·         Kids Pool & Accessories

·         Swings & See Saw

Replacement Period of 7 Days from the Delivery Date*

Other Products except products mentioned below


Return Period of 7 Days from the Delivery Date*

·         Baby Diapers

·         Baby Wipes

·         Cloth Diapers/Nappies

·         Diaper Rash Cream

·         Bottles & Accessories

·         Breast Feeding

·         Baby Food & Infant Formula

·         Maternity Accessories

·         Grooming

·         Soaps, Shampoos & Body Wash

·         Baby Creams & Ointments

·         Lotions, Oils & Powders Oral Care

·         Combo

·         Books & CDs

·         Baby Gift Sets

·         Kids Gift Sets

·         Manual Push Ride-Ons

·         Battery Operated Ride-Ons

·         Twister/Swing Cars

·         Health & Baby Care

·         Baby Pacifiers

·         Medicine & Thermometers

·         Cleaners & Detergents

·         Mosquito Repellents & Care

·         Teethers & Soothers

·         Inner Wear & Thermals

·         GiftCertificate

·         Maternity Lingerie

·         Maternity Personal Care

·         Make Up & Cosmetics

·         Kids Food & Nutritional Supplements

·         Stationery

·         Digital Products

·         Kids Scooters

·         Rocking Ride-Ons

·         Tricycles and Bikes


No Return/Replacement Accepted

If the product is not eligible for a replacement or exchange after delivery for any reason, such as the product being out of stock, the return pickup for the product unavailable, or any other similar reason, you may return the product within the return period after delivery.

Please return the product in its original packaging, including all parts and freebies. When returning a product, please make sure that it is correctly packed. Please note that if an Incorrect Product(s) is handed by you to our Courier Service Partner, Smilebaby shall not be responsible for any loss/damage/theft caused to such Incorrect product while in transit or otherwise.

Once the original product(s) has been received at our Facility and the quality check has been carried out, your replacement/exchange product will be shipped to your given address, in case of returns, the refund for the original product(s) will be processed, as applicable.

A fixed shipping charge of Rs. 50 shall be levied if the customer refuses to accept the original order with products eligible for replacement/exchange only or if the customer refuses to accept the replacement/exchange product(s), once the same has been shipped to the customer.

If any or all of the products that were originally part of an order placed using a coupon or offer are returned, then the coupon code/offer will no longer be applicable on the order. The benefit of the coupon/offer will also not be included in the refund. However, in the case of a replacement / exchange, the replacement/exchange order will get the benefit of the same coupon code/offer that was applied to the original order.

Products purchased using the kiosks at the stores may only be returned at the stores. Returns for products purchased at the kiosk will not be accepted through the website. Replacement / exchange is currently only available for products purchased online, not in-store purchases.

How does Returns work?

Go to Order History page and click on the order number for which you want to raise a return request.

Click on the Return link next to the product you would like to return.

Follow the screens, fill in the required details and submit the request.

Our delivery team will collect the package from your doorstep within 7-10 business days.

Reverse Pick up availability at your location,can be checked while placing a request within the Order History section.

Estimated Reverse PickUp Time: For all those Pincodes, where pickup service is available by reputed couriers, the Reverse PickUp time would be within 7 to 10 business days (excluding Sundays and other holidays), however, at times there might be unexpected delays in the pickup of your product due to unavoidable and undetermined logistics challenges beyond our control for which Smilebaby is not liable and would request the users to cooperate as Smilebaby continuously tries to reduce such instances.

You can check the status of your return request in the Manage Returns section or against the product on the Order Details page. In the case of Returns, the details of refunds can be checked in the Cash Refunds section. In the case of Replacement / exchange, no refund will be initiated and, instead, the replacement/exchange product(s) will be shipped to the customer after the pickup and quality check of the original product.



How does Replacement/Exchange work?

In case you face any concerns with the product, you may request for a Replacement/Exchange (reasons as applicable), within the specified valid window after the delivery of the selected range of products (based on availability).

Once the product has been delivered, you may visit the Order History > Order Details Page and click on the Replace or Exchange button to raise a request, as long as the window has not expired. Then, follow the same steps as the Returns Flow and submit the Request. Please note that currently, we offer replacement/exchange only for the selected product(s) at Smilebaby. To check the eligibility of the product replacement/exchange, visit the product details / combo page.

Once submitted, we will validate the request. Upon approval, we will attempt pickup of the original product(s). Please note that the product should be unused, unwashed, untorn with all its original tags intact and should be returned in the original manufacturer / brand packaging (like it was shipped to you), along with its original accessories, user manual, warranty cards (wherever applicable) for refund to be successfully processed, if any of the mentioned return guidelines aren’t fulfilled, we will not be able to process refund for the returned product.

Once the original product(s) has been received at our Facility and the quality check has been carried out ,the replacement/exchange product will be shipped to your address. You may track the delivery of the replacement/exchange Order on the same Order Details Page.

If the product is not eligible for a replacement/exchange after delivery due to any eligible reasons, such as the product is out of stock, the return pickup for the product is unavailable, or your pincode is no more serviceable for delivery, or any other similar reason, you may return the product within the specified window after the delivery of the product.


How does Self Return work?

For few select pin codes, where we are unable to pick up the product, you can follow below steps to send the product to us:

Go to Order Detail page under Order History and click on the Return link next to the product you would like to return.

Follow the screens, fill in the required details and submit the request.

Send the packet through a local courier to our warehouse.

Enter the AWB number, Shipping company name and scanned receipt under Manage Returns section.

Warehouse address link will also be mentioned on Manage Returns page against your return request.

Please enter the details under Manage Returns section within 7 days from the initiation date to complete the return process. Return request will be automatically closed after 7 days from the initiation date, if the required details have not been updated.

Once the AWB number and shipping company details have been verified by our team, we will initiate the refund process. Please refer our Refunds section for more details.



In the case of returns, the refund process will be initiated once we have received the product back in our Facility and have completed all the quality checks and verifications at our end. The mode of refund may depend on the mode of payment used at the time of placing the order.

In the case of replacements/exchange, no refund will be issued; instead, the new product(s) will be shipped to the customer only after the original product(s) has/have been returned.

1.    The entire amount paid by you for the product through any of the payment modes except for loyalty cash will be first credited to your Smilebaby Cash Refund Account. Please note that the shipping charges and COD charges are non-refundable.

2.    Once the refund amount is in your Smilebaby Cash Refund Account, you can use the credit to order a replacement or buy a new product or even have it credited back to you.

3.    In order to get the cash refund back to your bank account, please follow below steps:



Go to Cash Refund page under Cash in My Account

Click on "Refund Amount Back To Me" button.

Please follow the screens and submit the request.


4.    If the payment mode was Cash on Delivery, we will refund the amount to the bank account of your choice. Bank details will be taken during refund process. Please ensure that the details that you enter is correct. Smilebaby will not validate a Bank Account number and is not responsible for funds transferred to an unintended recipient.

5.    Loyalty Cash used during payment will be credited back to your loyalty cash account.

6.    Loyalty cash amount earned on the product will be deducted from your loyalty cash account.

7.    Shipping charges and COD charges will not be refunded back if the pick-up has been arranged by us. In case of self-return, we will reimburse the return shipping charges upto 10% of the product price or Rs.100, whichever is lower. For doing so, please upload the scanned copy of the receipt on Manage Returns section.

8.    If the payment was done using Guaranteed Savings Offer or Gift Certificate then the amount will be refunded to the Smilebaby Cash Refund Account. If you need it to be credited back to your bank account then please follow the steps mentioned above in point(3).

9.    If an order has been purchased using EMI then we will refund back the amount to the bank account of your choice. Bank details will be taken during refund process. . For any queries regarding foreclosure/ pre-closure of your EMI transaction or on amounts charged on your credit card, please contact your bank.

10.  In cases where the pick up is refused or product is not returned and the money has been refunded to you already, Smilebaby holds the right to deduct the concerned amount from Smilebaby Cash Refund and loyalty cash account depending on the mode of the payment of the product.

11.  For payments made through any of the wallet gateways like Paytm, MobiKwik etc., the amount will be refunded to the original mode of payment.

12.  Depending on the customer's return history, Smilebaby holds the right to charge a nominal fee of INR 25/- per return request or such amount as may be decided by Smilebaby from time to time, in case the return rate of the customer has been significantly high.


Guaranteed Savings Online Programs - Cancellation and Returns

           I.   Guaranteed Savings Offer Cancellation

Enrolled members can cancel the "Guaranteed Savings" offer any time they wish. In case of unused "Guaranteed Savings" offers DARP may choose to refund the complete amount or issue Gift Vouchers. In case the "Guaranteed Savings" offer has been used even once by the user then after adjusting the used amount, DARP may choose to refund the complete amount or issue Gift Vouchers.

         II.   Order cancellation purchased through "Guaranteed Savings" offer

Cancellation is only available in case of orders not been shipped from our warehouse to customer’s location. In case of complete order cancellation, the complete amount spent against the order will be credited back to members "Guaranteed Savings" code. In case of part order cancellation, balance left after adjusting the amount for products shipped to member’s location will be credited back to members "Guaranteed Savings" code.

        III.   Order returned purchased through "Guaranteed Savings" offer

Return is available in case order has been shipped from our warehouse and has been delivered to the customer’s location. If the products bought through Guaranteed Savings Offer Code (GSO) are returned, the amount used from GSO code for buying these products will be added back to your GSO code. Rest of the refund conditions will be the same as the Smilebaby Payments and Return Policy. See Criteria and Process